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How it works: Passenger App.

The Client- Any, "Entity” with an account in Cata Global-IO Network, who can book for themselves or on someone else’s behalf. Including Travel Agents, Concierge, Secretary’s, Affiliates (I.O.), regular persons and more.. 
I.O.- Independent Operators/chauffeurs fully vetted companies and vehicles with proper licenses and inspections to operate and are accepted by Limo/Luxury Car Service Industry.

How to use the Apps:

Very Important: The application Cata Global-IO Network is designed to create a direct interaction between The Client (as in passenger, booker, etc.) and I.O./chauffeur.

Base rates shown are not flat rates, those  are dynamic and negotiable rates, choose from multiple counter-offers for your bookings shown in your app. 

In Ride Now (On Demand / requests within one hour) Bookings will show only in Chauffeur application! In passenger app after creating a booking, the app will start looking for closest operators to the Client specified location. The operators will send to the Client via their application an offer to the booking request with the same bid or a raised bid price, if Client do not accept any offers from drivers/I.O.'s, the app will keep looking for Chauffeurs in the area until the booking is canceled by the Client.

In the Ride Later feature, bookings do not have a time out, if the Client chooses NOT to participate and accept any offers from Operators, the admin will assist and bid on the Client's behalf according to the Client requirements/type of vehicle, etc.
Biddings on ride later bookings start with no less than 90 minutes to 72 hours prior to pick up date and time. Both parties will receive notifications in that regard.
If a booking is automatically canceled, you will receive an email with the proper description of the cancellation, example: "we do not have service in your city at this time.”


"On Demand” and "Ride Later” features.
1.On Demand (Ride Now up to 60 min request)
Bookings created for pick-ups within minutes.
I.O.s in a range of 4 miles will be able to see and make an offer.
Ultimately, "The Client” will accept anyone’s bid price based on a different criteria.
Once the booking offer from a specific I.O. was accepted by The Client, that I.O. will receive the confirmation. Everyone else who participates in bidding will get a message, "Offer rejected”.
"Want to bid higher?” – Optional, The Client can increase the minimum base rate.
I.O will also have multiple choices, accept the offer at the base rate or make a higher offer. Ultimately The Client decides and accepts anyone’s offer.

Cancellation Policy/ On Demand.

Once the I.O. receives the booking and click On The Way on driver app., booking cannot be cancelled by Booker unless there is a 10% charge of total fare he/she must agree on. All the booking fares/rates are preauthorized prior to submitting the reservation.

2. Ride Later-  (bookings created no less than 90 min. up to 72 hours prior to pick-up time).

I.O.s will be able to see those bookings ONLY IN DASHBOARD and make a bid/offer for a Ride Later booking(which can range from 90 minutes to 72 hours prior to pickup time shown in the reservation) ONLY from the main dashboard/ mini panel. Proper notifications when a booking if available will be sent to I.O.s in range. After I.O.'s bid was accepted, chauffeur can be assigned anytime and the booking goes on chauffeur app under My Rides and The Client phone number listed in reservation will receive Chauffeur details instantly.

Cancellation Policy/ Ride Later.

Software is set as any bookings created for Ride Later can be cancelled anytime but not less than 90 minutes prior to pickup time, for any reasons, if any I.O. are having a different cancellation policy, they should contact the Booker within 24hr prior to pickup date and time and come to an agreement. If canceled prior to 90 minutes, the preauthorization of the funds will be also voided without any charges.

3. Vehicle Not in Range- (only applies in "On Demand” feature)

Some specific vehicles are not available for hire in the 4-mile range, try again later.
Cata Global I.O. is a subsidiary service of Cata Black Car Corp., 3301 NE 1 Ave, Miami, FL, 33137. These are the terms and conditions between Cata Global I.O. Network and anyone using the Cata Global software platform including:
The CLIENT or anyone using the software on its behalf as in any Independent Operator (I.O.), Event Organizer, Agents, Travel agents, secretaries, concierge, private persons, etc. The current terms and conditions apply, they are available on our website and in the applications as well.
Cata Global I.O. Network is a software company that provides the necessary tools for passenger’s transportation services through our dedicated unique applications on smart phones, Kiosk web booking tools, special dashboards dedicated for independent operators to be fully operational.